Sunjet Set

A “friendship club” was established when TSA was closed down for good. The main purpose was to keep in touch with all employee who now were scattered with the winds.

The membership sticker

The aim for the Club was to keep everything that had anything to do with TSA. The Club got the name Transair Sunjet Set and it is open for anyone who for a shorter or longer period has been an employee in TSA.

Due to reconstruction at Sturup Airport, the collection has been temporarily moved into storage at the former Falcon Air premises, awaiting a new location.

An Active Club

During the last 30 years the Club has arranged a lot of various parties and meetings. Several guestspeakers have been invited for informal talks and stories, always with some connection to both Transair and to flying in general.

The membership card


One event that is arranged by the Club is the annual Transair Golf Competition, which attracts between 30-40 ex-employees every year. Read more about the Golf Competition under the “TSA Golf” link at the top of the page (in Swedish only).

50 Years Anniversary

A project was running in order to present a jubilée manifestation when TSA was due to celebrate its 50-years anniversary. This project resulted in a book about Transair.

Those who are interested in joining the Club and who fulfill the demands for a membership in Transair Sunjet Set and want to revive the fine friendship among its former employees are welcome to contact Lasse Holst via email for further information (see ‘Contact’ at the top of the page.

The pictures below are from the Transair Sunjet Set´s exhibition during the celebration of the 25th anniversary for Sturup Airport in August 1997.

Photo from the TSA display at Sturup Airport 1997
Photo from the TSA display at Sturup Airport 1997
Photo from the TSA display at Sturup Airport 1997