Memorial Items

On this page we present some of the items that make up the history of Transair. These are just a few of them and we know that many more have existed during the 30 years of operation.

The first decal of Transair.

If anyone is in possession of items related to Transair, please contact Lasse Holst via e-mail (see ‘Contact’ at the top of the page).

A poster from the fifties

A DC6B postcard

Another postcard from the sixties

A sixties Transair operations map

The most wellknown Transair advertisment

The original logotype…

…and the new logotype

The postcard that was introduced together with the DC7B

A DC7B position card with flight information

The jet logotype…

…and the crew logotype

The B727 postcard

The new Transair sticker

A Transair ticket

The Sunjet cocktail