Douglas DC-6

Douglas DC 6

c/n 43124 SE-BDF

This aircraft was delivered to SAS as “Alvar Viking” in June 1948.

After a 6 month lease to Olympic Airways 1959 it was bought by Transair in January 1960 and was named “Knut Folke”.

The aircraft was leased to the United Nations between October 1961 and June 1963.

Här ses flygplanet på Bulltofta efter leveransen till Transavia, nu är maskinen registrerad PH-TRA.

After service in Transair with the new name “Helsingborg” the aircraft was flown by Transavia Holland between July 1966 and April 1968. After that the aircraft took part in relief-flights to Biafra during the war and it was in the beginning leased by Nordchurchaid, then bought by Flughjalp as TF-AAD and finally w.f.u and stored in Prestwick, Scotland. It was finally broken up in 1984.

Här ses f.d. SE-BDF på Prestwick Firedump som TF-AAD den 31 januari 1975, sedan flygplanet kommit tillbaka efter att ha deltagit i operationerna I Biafra.

Douglas DC 6

c/n 43130 SE-BDM

Delivered to SAS as “Anund Viking” in May 1948 and bought by Transair as “Tommy Folke” in March 1960. After a short lease to the United Nations in spring 1963 the aircraft was serving Transair as “Orebro” until December 1965.

Här ses flygplanet på Malmö-Bulltofta i silvermålning.

Also this aircraft was bought by Transavia as PH-TRB and was serving them between July 1966 and May 1969 when the aircraft was re-registered to Flughjalp as TF-AAE. Just a month later on June 2nd 1969 it was destroyed by rockets at Uli Airstrip in Biafra.

Douglas DC 6

c/n 43131 SE-BDO

Also this aircraft was delivered as new to SAS as “Arngrim Viking” in June 1948.

Efter avslutad tjänst hos SAS parkerades flygplanet på Bromma, strippad på SAS titlar och med registreringen N 59LM. Foto: Rolf Larsson.

Bought by Transair in March 1960 as “Robin Folke”.

At the end of 1962 the aircraft was leased for 1 month by the United Nations and after service in Sweden it was leased by Transair Congo between December 1963 and June 1964.

After return from Congo it was flown by Transair under the name “Linkoping” until October 1967. The last year it was used as back-up aircraft for DC 7B which often had a lot of engine troubles. Because of this the aircraft got the same colour-scheme as the DC 7B, and this was the only DC 6 that got this special painting.

Foto. Rolf Larsson, Bromma.

After service with Transair the aircraft was bought by Yemen based Brothers Air Service as their 70-ABI, it was w.f.u. and stored in 1972.