Boeing 727

Boeing 727

c/n 19691 SE-DDA

SE-DDA startar från Bulltofta i Malmö
Taxar på Stockholm Arlanda i juni 1980.
SE-DDA taxar ut till start på Göteborg Torslanda framför en välkänd bakgrund.
SE-DDA taxar här ut till start på Las Palmas.

The first “brand new” Boeing 727 aircraft arrived Malmö and TRANSAIR after a delivery flight from Seattle in November 1967.The aircraft received the name “Midnight Sun” and served Transair until September 1981 when it was sold to Philippine Airlines.

Here it flew under the registration RP-C1240 (see picture below), serving the new owner until the end of June 1984 when it was resold to TAME, Ecuador as HC-BLE (see pictures under ‘TSA Aircraft today’ on the main page). The aircraft is now (2008) flying for Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana with registration FAE 691.

Flygplanet under markuppehåll i Manila.

Här ses ex. SE-DDA nu som TAME HC-BLE under markuppehåll i Miami.

Boeing 727

c/n 19692 SE-DDB

Delivery flight to Transair was in the beginning of December 1967 (2 weeks after SE-DDA) and the aircraft was named “Northern Light”.

Due to a planned lease to the domestic Nigerian carrier Central the aircraft was repainted in a colour scheme not so different from TSA and with new titles. The lease fell through but the aircraft was flying for a long period with these titles.

Framför hangaren på Sturup en vinterdag och med Central titlar.
På väg till start på Göteborg Torslanda juni 1977
På väg till start på Göteborg Torslanda i april 1977 med blå hangaren i bakgrunden
Här är DDB på väg till start en sommardag på Göteborg Torslanda.

In October 1981 the aircraft was, like SE-DDA, sold and delivered to Philippine Airlines as RP-C1241 (see pictures below).

Boeing 727 SE-DDB was the last plane to leave Sturup Airport and Transair after the close down. In the morning October 9, 1981, the plane was fetched away and took off for the last time from Sturup Airport, operated by a crew from the new owners, Philippine Airlines, who delivered the plane to Manila as Flight PR 241 according to the document above.

On a foggy October morning former SE-DDB was ready to take off from Sturup airport, still in the wellknown Transair color scheme but with a new registration.

The registration RP-C1241 reveals the new home-country – The Philippines – for the plane.

The crew are proudly posing in front of the “newcomer”.

For the last time on homebase – block off for a TSA-plane.

The Boeing 727 slowly taxes for the last time over Sturup ramps towards the runway sealed in fog.

For the last time the plane takes off from Malmö-Sturup runway 17 up and away in the fog on its way to Asia and for the last time admired by a mechanic from Transair in his van and a sad photographer.

All photos by: Lars-Åke Holst.

Here is the aircraft in its new Philippine Airlines colour and titles:

Also this aircraft was resold to TAME, Ecuador in July 1984 and was flying for this company until Jan 28, 2002 when it crashed on a mountain during a passenger flight between Quito and Tulcán.

Ex. SE-DDB här som TAME HC-BLF på rampen i Miami.

2002-01-29: Last Flight for ex. SE-DDB Jan 28 2002

During a 40-min long domestic flight between Quito and Tulcán in Ecuador, flight 120 crashed during a procedural turn before landing in Tulcán. The radio contact was lost 20 minutes after departure and the crashsite is near Ipales on the Colombian side of the border.

After Tulcán the flight was scheduled to continue to Cali, Colombia. The aircraft has not yet been found. Onboard were 83 passengers and a 9 crew

The aircraft had been flying for TAME as HC-BLF since 1984 and had a total airframes of 63853 hours.

From Aviation Letter February 2002:
“HC-BLF, B 727-134 (19692/498) of TAME Ecuador crashed just below the summit of Cumbal Volcano, near the city of Tulcán, Colombia, 35 km north of Colombia – Ecuador border, after operating flight 120 from Quito. All 92 killed, w/o.”

(Photo by Michael Magnusson)

Boeing 727

c/n 20042 SE-DDC

In september 1968 Transair took delivery of the third aircraft. This was a B 727-134C where “C” stands for Convertible, and it was named “Polar Circle”.

As can be seen on the picture above, this aircraft was equipped with a large cargo door. This made it possible to quickly change configuration from passenger to freighter.

Här är det “push-back” på Stockholm Arlanda sommaren 1997.
Här taxar SE-DDC förbi blå hangaren på Torslanda
Efter tjänst hos Transair köptes maskinen av Emery och flög för dem som N424EX.

At autumn 2001 the aircraft was put in storage at Litchfield Airport at the western outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona.
Photo by Lars-Åke Holst 2002.

Boeing 727

c/n 19313 SE-DDD

In February 1979 Transair bought another B 727. This aircraft came from Lufthansa who took delivery of D-ABIY in May 1967.

Here is the aircraft after arriving at Malmö-Sturup Airport. The new registration of this former Lufthansa Europe jet aircraft is now SE-DDD.
The new aircraft during maintenance before going into service for Transair.
SE-DDD får här “push-back” på Arlanda.
SE-DDD taxar ut till start från Stockholm Arlanda.

The aircraft served Transair until August 1981, but during this period it was leased to Transadria between May and

October 1980. It was also painted in a special colour scheme (see picture below).

It was sold in August 1981 to Nomads in USA and got the new registration N 727M which was re-registered to N 727MJ in July, 1993 (see picture under ‘TSA Aircraft today’ on the main page).

In September 1993 Nomads bought a B 727-200 version and the former TSA aircraft was sold to Itaperimirin Transporte Aereos, Brazil as PP-ITP.

The aircraft is now sold from Brazil to Air Transafrik in Sao Tomé and is flying for this company, since the beginning of year 2000, as S9-BAG.