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Curtiss C 46 with registration CP 1655 is the only a/c of this type that has been owned by TSA and still is in use. It is now flying for SAO (Servicios Aereos del Oriente) in Bolivia.

Photo by Michael Magnusson


This picture is from 1992 and shows the former Transair DC-6B as ZS-MUL, registered to Avia Air in South Africa. Today it is parked at Swartkop Airforce Base near Pretoria and belongs to The South African Airways Museum Society.

Recently, mr John Austin-Williams of the South African Airways Museum Society provided us with an interesting link to a website about their DC 6 A/C, including former TSA aircraft SE-BDG.

This aircraft has been prepared for a ferry flight and a number of pictures and a well-written story can be found on their webpage. Click here to read the story


Landing shot of TAME HC-BLE at Quito, Ecuador, Nov 06, 1988.

Photo by Michael Magnusson

TAME HC-BLE taxiing at Quito, Ecuador, Dec 07, 1988.

Photo by Michael Magnusson

The aircraft is now (2008) flying for Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana with registration FAE 691.

TAME HC-BLE is seen on the two pictures below in its new, revised colour scheme at the airport in Quito, Ecuador February 13, 2005. Photo by Jan Mogren


Landing shot of TAME HC-BLF at Quito, Ecuador, Nov 07, 1988.

Photo by Michael Magnusson

TAME HC-BLF at the ramp in Guyuaquil, Ecuador, May 04, 1985.

Photo by Michael Magnusson

This aircraft crashed in Ecuador in 2002. See the “Aircraft” section/SE-DDB for more information.


Since autumn 1999, ex SE-DDC has been flying for the United Postal Service as N 424EX with full titles and colour scheme.

Photo by Tommy Lakmaker at Seattle/Tacoma Airport Nov 02, 1999

In October 2001 the aircraft was put in storage at Litchfield Airport at the western outskirts of Tucson, Arizona. The machine, now with registration N 424EX, was photographed by Lasse Holst on September 12, 2002.


Photo in Copenhagen