Douglas DC-6B

Douglas DC-6B

c/n 45329 SE-BDG

First delivered as new to Canadian Pacific Airlines as CF-CZV “Empress of Suva” in August 1957.

Transair bought the aircraft in November 1961 as SE-BDG “Stockholm”.

Sold to Braathens as LN-SUT in may 1965.

After this other registrations and owners have passed, OY-DRC was flying for Greenlandair between February 1971 to March 1979.

New owner after this was Air Atlantique where the aircraft was registered G-SIXB.

In December 1979 there was again a new owner and this time far south in Africa. It was Air Swaziland and new reg was 3D-ASA, later rereg 3D-ASB. Most of its time it was parked and in February 1987 it found a new owner in Flying Enterprise with reg N 90300.

6 months later there was again a new owner and this time Interocean Airways and new reg was C9-ASR.

After this there was also another owner, African Air Carriers and in 1990 the aircraft was bought by Avia Air and registered ZS-MUL.

Här ses ZS-MUL i en nyare målning. Bilden tagen av Omer Mees på Wonderboom Airbase 27/6 1991.

In November 1998 the aircraft with the new reg ZS-XXX was ferried from Rand to Johannesburg and then on to Swartkop airforce base near Pretoria. Today it belongs to The South African Airways Museum Society and will probably remain there as a static display. The aircraft was the ONLY ex. Transair Sweden DC 6/6B that was in use after such a long time, nearly 42 years after delivery from the factory. For another picture see TSA Aircraft Today. Julian Whitelaw took the picture at Swartkop 30 june 2002.

Douglas DC-6B

c/n 44892 SE-BDH

Delivered to Canadian Pacific Airlines as CF-CZF “Empress of Hong Kong” February 1956. Later renamed “Empress of Auckland” and also leased to Trans Aeriens Intercontinentaux as F-BJBZ before Trans Caribbean Airways bought the aircraft as N 3545C in March 1961. In november 1961 Transair purchased the a/c as SE-BDH “Goteborg”.

After service until March 1965 the a/c was bought by Braathens as LN-SUH.

Sold in september 1969 to Brothers Air Service as VR-ABK, later reregistered 70-ABK.

The aircraft was during the following years serving some smaller companies before it 1973 was bought by Iscargo Iceland and was reg TF-ABK. They converted the a/c to DC 6BF and again the a/c was serving some smaller companies before it returned to Iscargo in december 1977. It had now changed reg to N 17289. In March 1980 the a/c was moved to Reykjavik fire dump and was burnt out in 1982.

The last picture of former SE-BDH, now N 17289.
Picture at Reykjavik Fire Dump by Ingelise Holst.

Douglas DC-6B

c/n 45079 SE-BDI

Delivered from factory in November 1956 to Canadian Pacific Airlines as CF-CZR “Empress of Sydney”.

Transair Sweden bought the a/c in January 1962 and it was named “Malmö”.

End of service for TSA was May 1965 when the a/c was purchased by Braathen as LN-SUM, and exactly 4 years later resold to Brothers Air Service as VR-ABL, later rereg 70-ABL.  In 1970 it was  transferred to a new company name Alyemda.

Douglas DC-6B

c/n 43559 SE-BDY

Delivered to ARAMCO as N 709A July 17 1952. Sold to Transair Sweden as SE-BDY and named “Albertina” August 1 1961. From the same date the aircraft was leased by the United Nations for operations in Congo. The aircraft was delivered directly from USA to Congo and never landed at the company´s home base at Malmö, Sweden. The aircraft crashed september 18 1961 on approach to Ndola Airport in former Northern Rhodesia with UN Secretary General Dag Hammarsköld on board. The picture shows the aircraft in Aramco markings and is taken in Beiruth July 10 1956 by Peter R. Keeting.

Douglas DC-6B

c/n 43560 SE-BDZ

Delivered to Aramco in September 1952 as N 708A “The Flying Camel”.

Bought by TSA in October 1961 as SE-BDZ “Norrkoping”

In 1966 sold to Transavia Holland as PH-TRC “Bird Valkenburg”. Photographed in Malmö October 4 1961 by Bo Göran Lundkvist.

Sold to Flughjalp in May 1965 as TF-AAF and after service it was donated to Peruvian Air Force 1970. In 1974 it was wfu and stored.

Douglas DC-6B

c/n 43829 SE-CCY

Delivered to Sabena April 1 1953 and 10 years later June 1 1963 sold to Transair and it became SE-CCY “Vasteras”.

After service with TSA it was sold to Belgian International Air Services in June 1965.

Crashed on approach to Malpensa Airport, Milan, Italy February 18 1966.

Douglas DC-6B

c/n 43830 SE-CCZ

Delivered to Sabena April 1953 as OO-CTI.

It was then leased during two periods to Aviaco of Spain before it was bought by Transair in April 1963.

From June 1966 to May 1971 it was serving Braathens as LN-SUI.

Then it was reg on SAGA/Norsk Flytjenste as LN-MTU, later renamed Trollair.        Photo: Dave Jones, Manchester.

Delta Air transport of Belgium bought the a/c as OO-BVG in December 1972. Later it was rereg OO-VGB. It was damaged beyond repair in Southend, Essex in October 1974, and finally broken up in February 1975.